1. Modeling the influence of agro-meteorological conditions on the photosynthetic productivity of peas

Author: Anatoliy Polevoy, Valeriya Ikonnikova

DOI: n/a


The article considers the modeling of the agro-meteorological conditions influence on the pea photosynthetic productivity. The results of numerical experiments, the quantitative assessment of different sowing conditions influence on the pea crop photosynthetic activity rate in the Ukraine are given. The influence of various agro-meteorological conditions on the pea photosynthesis rate is taken into consideration.
The research is based on the mathematical modeling of the plant production process, in particular, the model of pea crop productivity formation developed on the basis of the agro-ecosystems productivity model. The model parameters identification is made, the pea yield formation is conducted by an independent determination. The absolute and relative error of the yield calculation is assessed. Using the num erical experiments, the influence of different features of agro-meteorological conditions on the photosynthesis rate is determined.