2. Analysis of traits in synthetic wheats (BBAuAuDD, 2n=42) after irradiation with gamma rays

Author: Nadia Daskalova

DOI: n/a


Synthetics wheats resulting from crosses of tetraploid wheats (BBAuAu, 2n=28) with Aegilops tauschii (DD, 2n=14), are the main object of investigation. Seeds of C2 and C3 generations of ten lines originating from three crosses (No. 32, 106 and 107) were treated with 150 Gy gamma rays. The study aimed to find out the effect of gamma radiation on plant chracteristics (plant height, spike fertility, seed weight, etc.) in M1 plants (designated ‘O‘) in comparison with controls (not treated and self-designated as ‘N‘). The ‘O‘ and ‘H‘ progenies were harvested and measured on ten plant and spike traits. Finally, the 150 Gy gamma irradiation applied on seeds was found to have different effect: most negative in plants from cross No.107 and neutral to slightly positive in the remaining two crosses. The increased variability in M1 plants might be of breeding interest to select low-height and more productive wheat genotypes.