11. A methodical approach for distribution of the coupled support among vulnerable sectors in agriculture

Author: Dimitre Nikolov, Minka Anastassova-Chopeva, Nina Koteva, Plamena Yovchevska, Mimoza Mladenova, Petar Kirovski

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2015.05.011


In the circumstances of the Common Agricultural Policy of EU (2007-2013) the sectors of fruits, vegetables and herbivores are extremely embarrassed to develop their economic and production potential and they have been declared for vulnerable (underdeveloped).
Essential achievement for Bulgaria in the discussion for CAP reform for the new program period (2014-2020) is the contracted maximal eligible amount of the budget under the Scheme for coupled with the production direct support for these sectors.
In this regard, the research purpose is to elaborate a methodical approach and proposition for distribution of the coupled with the production support for the vulnerable sectors.