10. Challenges to the European market orientation of the bulgarian agricultural production

Author: Iskra Nencheva-Ivanova, Todorka Atanasova-Kalaydzieva, Konstantin Stankov

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2015.05.010


Bulgaria’s accession to the EU resulted in a change in the trade structure of agricultural goods. Due to the favourable economic conditions for trading, the European common market, trade flows gradually diverted to the EU at the expense of other economic communities and regions.
In recent years, a major priority of Bulgarian agricultural policy is the creation of conditions for more efficient use of production resources in agriculture and increasing the competitiveness of agricultural products on the international markets. Agriculture ranks among the leading sectors of Bulgarian economy and has a significant contribution to the formation of foreign exchange earnings of the country.
The paper aims to study European challenges imposed on imports and exports of Bulgarian agricultural products by revealing some objective regularities in foreign trade changes.