11. Influence of some herbicides on soil microflora

Author: Jordanka Kartalska, Shteliyana Kalinova, Krasimira Sapundjieva, Angel Hristoskov

DOI: n/a


The impact of some herbicide preparations on the total quantity of cellulose-decomposing bacteria, ammonifying bacteria, aerobic spore-forming bacteria and others, under the conditions of alluvial-meadow soil, was investigated, namely Dual Gold 960 EC at a dose 150 ml/dka (s_metolahlor); Raft 400 SC at a dose 100 ml/dka (oksidiarzhil) Rilej 90 EC at a dose 220 ml/dka (acetochlor) and Stomp New EC 330 at a dose 500 ml/dka (pendimethalin). It was found that s_metolahlor, oksidiarzhil, acetochlor and pendimethalin influenced soil microor-ganisms differently. For example, they were less aggressive to ammonifying bacteria and highly toxic to aerobic spore-forming bacteria, thus confirming the thesis that changes in the microbial balance depend not only on the chemical nature of herbicides and their degradation rate, but also on the humidity and the soil reaction.