12. Use of creative industry products for creative tourism development in Bulgaria

Author: Vera Nikolova, Atanas Kazakov, Silviya Staneva

DOI: n/a


The contemporary development of mankind is connected inevitably with active and fast development of the new technologies. Its results lead not only to introduction of new ways and means of production and management of the world economy, but also to a number of changes regarding the sectoral redistribution and changes in the demand adjustment on the world market. The impressive growth of the development of creative industries is part of those rapid changes. According to UNESCO’s data 3% of the world GDP is generated in the area of culture and cultural creative works and around 30 million people are employed there. At the same time the development of tourism as a world phenomenon is also a fact. According to WTO, the constant growth in its development leads to a 10% market share of the world GDP. One of every eleven in the world is employed in the tourism industry. There are two trends in the sector: an ever rising demand for traditional holidays and markets, and a change in the traditional views on a tourist stay. In the foreground stands an aspiration for an active experience and ever growing tourist participation in the additional services offered.
Creative activities in the tourist supply are connected not only to the additional services, but also to the development of a specialized tourism trend – Creative Tourism. Its resources are namely the creative industries. The study is developed by using questionnaires, which were filled out on the spot. It aims at analyzing and presenting of foreign tourists’ intentions in the city of Varna to buy and use creative tourism products and additional services offered via the creative industries.The present work is aimed at studying the possibilities for the development of creative tourism in Bulgaria, based on the ever growing active presence of the creative industries on the Bulgarian market. Active work towards the creation of common products will assign a new role to Bulgarian tourism and a new interest in the country on the tourist market will be provoked.