13. Rural tourism in Bulgaria – a prerequisite for the development of the regions

Author: Violeta Blazheva

DOI: n/a


The modern traveller needs predetermine the development of the existing and emerging types of tourism.
Bulgaria has conditions for rural tourism. It is an opportunity for tourists to get to know the traditions of the country. Through it people leave the urbanization of the big ciites and the hectic life there and indulge in nature.
The modern trends in tourism development (including rural tourism) require that the needs and wants of tourists are satisfied to a maximum degree. The uneven development of urban and rural regions is a prerequisite to seek opportunities to revive the lagging rural regions through rural tourism. That requires its sustainable development as, besides an economic effect, it has also a social effect.
Rural tourism development is a top priority in diversifying the local economy in many rural regions. For that reason adequate measures should be taken to stop the migration of the local population by providing incentives to increase farmers’ incomes with a view to achieving sustainable development of the rural regions.