17. Evaluation of copmetitive advantages of wine cluster

Author: Petar Borisov, Petar Marinov

DOI: n/a


In an environment of heightened competition between national economies in production and marketing of wine, a leading approach to achieve sustainable competitive advantage is the cluster approach. Within this approach, the production and marketing of wine is seen as a cluster in which the participants form a better economic result, unlike others who are not part of the cluster. The aim of this study is to determine spatial location and sources of competitive advantage in the wine cluster in the country. To determine the location of the wine cluster indicators are used size and structure of areas under vines, volume production of grapes and wine. Territorial location of the cluster is defined at the planning regions of Bulgaria (NUT2). To identify the sources of competitive advantage we use the concept of „diamond determinants of national advantage.“ Within this concept, we provide expert evaluation of the determinants and factors determining the competitive advantage of the cluster. Analysis of expert opinion suggests that the determinants that most strongly determine the competitive advantages of the wine cluster are demand conditions, competition and management strategies of the participants in the cluster.