18. Investments in green innovations in wine producing sector and second order effects

Author: Petar Borisov

DOI: n/a


Wine producers are main beneficiaries of EU funding in agriculture of Bulgaria. As the result they become one of the major influencers of local ecology of rural regions of the country. Changes of landscape and exhaust of natural resources are result of wine processing and vine-growing. This research aims to reveal what kind of ecological practices and investments in ecological assets made wineries in South Bulgaria as major beneficiaries of EU funding. There have been analyzed 55 wineries from South Bulgaria. Comparative analysis according to the legal status of the wineries is used as a basic analytic tool. The period of research is 2011-2012. The collected data is provided by own survey. Basic tool for collecting data is inquiry and internal financial reports of wineries. The result of survey is that EU funding has significant contribution in investments in green innovations.