2. Quality of common wheat varieties with different origin, grownin the ecological conditions of Mizia

Author: Denica Ivanova, Hristofor Kirchev

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2018.01.002


The following varieties of common wheat: Enola (standard); Balaton; Diamant and Andino has been tested. The following qualitative indicators were used to characterize grain quality during the three years of the study: test weight, the mass of 1000 grains, wet gluten yield and gluten relaxation. The highest test weight forms the Enola variety and the lowest – Diamond. The highest absolute mass is the grain of the Balaton variety, and the lowest 1000 grain mass is the grain of the Enola variety. The amount and quality of gluten depending on the weather conditions, and it decreases and is highly relaxed when it is heavily moistened during the grain forming period. The highest yield of wet gluten is in the Balaton variety, and the lowest amount of wet gluten forms the Enola variety.