4. Inventory of genus Ornithogalum (familly hyacinthaceae) in the herbarium of Agricultural university – Plovdiv (SOA)

Author: Vanya Andreeva, Tsvetanka Raycheva, Kiril Stoyanov

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2018.01.004


Genus Ornithogalum L. (Hyacinthaceae) is represented in Bulgaria by 16 species. The study is an observation of the whole recent collection of the genus, stored in the Herbarium of Agricultural University – Plovdiv (SOA). The collection consists of 349 herbarium sheets (334 Bulgarian and 15 foreign), representing 18 species. The chorological information from the literature and from the herbarium specimens is databased and mapped. This study represents the status of the Ornithogalum collection in the Herbarium of Agricultural University – Plovdiv (SOA). New data have found for O. fimbriatum (1 region), O. montanum (1 region), O. pyramidale (4 regions). In spite of the relatively low representativeness, the Ornithogalum collection of SOA is an important resource for the taxonomical and chorological investigations in this group.