4. Young farmers in Bulgaria – challenges and perspectives

Author: Rositsa Beluhova-Uzunova, Krum Hristov, Mariyana Shishkova

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2018.02.004


Over the past decades, there has been a deterioration of the age structure in the agricultural sector and an insignificant share of young farmers. The negative trends in recent years raise concerns about the future food security and competitiveness of the agriculture. The purpose of the survey is based on the analysis of the structural changes of young farmers to draw conclusions and recommendations on the possibilities to increase their role and importance in Bulgarian agriculture. The research approach includes various methods: analysis, synthesis, deduction and induction. Applied are a comparative, monographic, abstract-logical, graphical method, method of analytical groups, a method of average values, statistical methods of research and analysis. The study indicates that there is a number of challenges that have to be overcome. Negative processes not only in Bulgaria but almost in all EU Member States, require consistent and targeted action in order to support young producers and increase the attractiveness of farm activities.