5. The integrated system for administration and control in agriculture of the republic of Bulgaria

Author: Gena Velkovska

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2018.02.005


The system for registration of applicants, applications for support and payment applications is a component of the Integrated Administration and Control System in Agriculture of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The system consists of:

– Register of applicants for assistance;

– Registers of aid applications and payment applications.

In the text of art. 31, para. 2 of the Agricultural Producers Assistance Act [www.ciela.net], the legal regulations related to the content of the registers are laid down. The legal prerequisite for the creation of such a register is also specified. The register of applicants for assistance is based on applications for assistance from the relevant applicants. The main elements in the content of this register are data about the applicant, his holding and his activity. The system for identification of agricultural parcels is subject to legal regulation in the texts of art. 33, art. 33a and art. 33, bb of the Law for Support of Agricultural Producers. In the text of Article 33, paragraph 1, this system is classified as a geographic information system, which is created on the basis of orthoimages, by digitization of physical blocks and blocks of farms.

The identification system for agricultural parcels includes:

– Data from the map of the recovered property and the records to it or

– Data from the cadastral map and the registers to it.

The implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union and the rational utilization of European funds in the agricultural sector require the permanent improvement of the regulatory and administrative framework. The practice, including the court, gives some negative examples of abuses that could also be linked to inadequately clarified control texts, both in the Farmers’ Support Act and in administrative penalties.