8. Destination management organisation – legal aspects and perspectives

Author: Tanya Yoncheva, Stoyan Hadzhidemirev

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2020.01.008


With the current Law on Tourism, entered into force on 26.03.2013, was created a new form of a legal person, to whom is assigned the specific function in management and marketing of tourism in geographically defined area – destination management organization (DMO). This organization aims to operate in three main areas – creating of regional tourist products, conducting a regional marketing and advertising, coordination and management of tourism at the regional level. The object of this article is to clarify certain issues in relation to the legal status of DMO as a specific type of legal person.

The study examines the conditions for establishment, the composition, the governing bodies and activities of the analyzed organization. It is supported the idea of the mixed nature of DMO as a subject of public and private law. It is also paid attention to the concept of „tourist area“ for whose management is established DMO. The advantages of introducing tourist areas and organizations of their management are discussed. Meanwhile, some gaps and imperfections of the legal framework are mentioned and the possible options for their removal are suggested.