3. Analysys of the flora of the Ostrova locality, Plovdiv

Author: Kiril Stoyanov, Tsvetanka Raycheva

DOI: n/a


The article represents the flora of the suburban locality Ostrova in Plovdiv. Although the place is used as a city park and sports area, its biodiversity is high (39% of all plant species in Plovdiv), and has the characteristics of the authentic local flora (51% of the species of the local wild flora). The area is included in the Natura – 2000 network zones Reka Maritsa and Maritsa Plovdiv.
The quota of the adventive species is low (only 5%). Seven species are protected by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Law. Eight of the species have a conservation status. The results suggest the need for better regulations for the environmental protection of that locality.