4. Comparative testing of oil sunflower hybrids in the region of North–East Bulgaria

Author: Vanya Delibaltova

DOI: n/a


The field experiment was carried out in the area of the village of Dropla (North-East Bulgaria) during the period 2012–2014. The test was performed by means of a block method with four replications; experimental field area – 25 m2 after wheat as winter predecessor. The following sunflower hybrids were tested; Kondi, Neoma, Adajhio, Alego and PR64F50. The aim of the investigation was to determine the production potential of the tested sunflower hybrids in the region of North-East Bulgaria. The analysis of the results showed that the the highest values of the productivity elements were reported for the Neoma hybrid and the lowest – for the PR64F50 hybrid. The Neoma hybrid was most suitable for growing under the conditions of North-East Bulgaria; it gave maximum average seed yield (3,523 kg/ha) and oil yield (1,742 kg/ha) during the three years of testing. It proved to be the hybrid of the highest average crude fat percentage – 49.3%. The lowest seed and crude fat seed yields were obtained from the Alego hybrid (3,160 and 1,456 kg/ha).