3. Growth of synthetic wheats under different conditions of cultivation

Author: Nadia Daskalova

DOI: n/a


Synthetic wheat populations (BBAuAuDD, 2n=42) originating from three crosses were grown under field and greenhouse conditions. After some observations and measurements during the vegetation, a biometric analysis of the genotypes for ten basic morphological characters was performed. Single-factor ANOVA was used to identify the significant differences between progenies in each cross, and the influence of each type of conditions on plants in both variants of the experiment. The analysis showed that seven traits differentiated progenies in cross No. 32. In the remaining two crosses the traits distinguishing plants grown under field and greenhouse conditions, were of little significance (five characteristics in cross No. 107, and two – in cross No. 106). As the synthetic wheats were hulled forms, spike weight per plant (with or without main spike) could be a promising trait for selection of yielding synthetic genotypes under different growing conditions, as compared to other investigated features.