30. Study on the growth rates of weaned lambs of the White Maritsa sheep breed

Author: Ivan Stoichev, Atanas Vuchkov, Doytcho Dimov

DOI: n/a


The aim of this study was to evaluate the live weight and growth rates of lambs in the post-weaning period. The breed of lambs is White Maritsa sheep (Biala Marishka ovca). Small database was collected during two years – 2014 and 2015 including 69 female and 16 male lambs from 4 herds in the region of Plovdiv. It was established that the live weight of single male lambs at weaning on the 60th day of age was 25.13 kg, on the 90th day – 32.01 kg, on the 120th day – 39.19 and on the 150th day – 43.52. The growing rate of the lambs at weaning was 418.9 g, from the 60th to 90th day – 229.1 g, from the 90th to 120th day – 239.3 g, from the 120th to 150th – 144 g daily gain.
The live weight of the female single lambs at weaning was 24.15 kg, on the 90th day of age – 31.24 kg, on the 120th day – 37.42 kg, on the 150th day – 41.46 kg. The growing rates of female single lambs were as follows: at weaning – 402.5g, from the 60th to the 90th day – 236.4 g, from the 90th to the 120th day – 206.1 g, from the 120th day to the 150th day of age – 134.1 g. The live weight and growing rates of twin female lambs followed the same tendencies but at a lower level.