33. Irrigation of soybeans as a factor for obtaining high yields in the region of Sofia

Author: Zhivko Zhivkov, Alexander Matev

DOI: 10.22620/SCIWORKS.2016.56.033


The aim of the study was to establish the impact of irrigation on the productivity of soybeans, grown in the region of Sofia. The experiment was carried out during the 1984-2000 period with the Hodgson soybean variety. Variants of the experiment: 1) without irrigation; 2) optimum irrigation at 80% of FC; The number of irrigations were in average 3 (1-4) with an irrigation depth of 185 mm (60-240 mm) The optimum irrigation regime increased the yields within the range of 28% to over twofold. The irrigation water productivity was 10.2 kg.ha-1.mm-1.