34. Effect of some herbicides on the chemical composition of seeds of winter and spring peas varieties

Author: Svetlin Ivanov, Siyka Angelova, Maya Dimitrova

DOI: 10.22620/SCIWORKS.2016.56.034


An important element of farming technology of peas for seed production is the chemical weed control. The object of this paper was to study the effect of six herbicides propizahlor, terbutrin, imazetapir, metribuzin,bentazon, and combination trifluralin + bentazon), on chemical composition of seeds of two winter varieties of pea – Mir, Vessela and two spring varieties of pea – Amitie and Picardie.The study was conducted in 2006-2007, in the region of Central South Bulgaria (Experimental field of IPGR, Sadovo on the block method with area of 15 m2 of harvesting plot. It was established that the applied herbicides do not affect the chemical composition of seed crude protein content, crude fiber, crude ash and tannins. The variation in the values of chemical parameters is within the characteristics of each variety peas.The use of herbicides in the spring peas is a necessary activity that contributes weed control and increase yield seeds and crude protein per unit area.