4. Study of cucumber accessions of different geographical origins, resistent to economically important diseases uner a controlled irrigation regime

Author: Petar Ovcharov, Nikolay Neykov, Todor Babrikov, Antoniya Ovcharova, Nikola Velkov

DOI: n/a


The study was conducted in IPGR Sadovo during the period 2009-2011. Seventy introduced cucumber accessions from the gene bank of the Institute were used. The accessions were grown under open field conditions and optimal furrow irrigation regime (85% to 100% of the field capacity). In relation to powdery mildew resistance – eleven varieties experienced an attack of up to 15%. The highest resistance reaction was shown by the following accessions: Lu Chum 22, Viz-60, Vert long dechine, 91-55, mostly Asian by origin. Of a complex resistance to powdery mildew, mildew and bacteriosis were 11 varieties of Asian origin: cat. № A70126, A80107, 91-51, 91-55, 91-58, 91-64, Viz-60, Vert long de Pekin-Da-czu, Lu Chum 22, Shogoin 1-48. The varieties established as resistant to diseases are of both selection and practical implementation importance for the production. The accessions of Asian originare very important for breeding purposes as well as for other valuable qualities.