43. Research of the soil-climatic features for the growth of cherry-trees on the lands of the town of Aytos

Author: Mladen Almaliev

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2015.05.043


A characteristic feature of the climate in the region are the strong northern and north-eastern winds, which blow during the cold part of the year and blow away the snow cover. The strong winds cause significant wind erosion of the soil.
The extremely low temperatures during the vegetation period can cause damages to the blossoms, the young blossom buds and the cherry fruits. The established values of the physical clay showed that the soil texture was a significant limitation for the growth of the cherries. The pH established by the analysis was not a restriction for the growth of the cherries. The content of the active Ca generally increased in the depth of the profile and was not a limitation for the choice of the pad for planting.