5. Regional cooperative models for enterpreneurship in the agricultural sector

Author: Teodorina Turlakova, Selina Skandalova


Cooperative models are a specific form of successful entrepreneurial activity. In their activity, they refer to specific principles and values, and due to their democratic structure, they contribute to socio-economic development, provide employment, help to satisfy the needs of their members and clients. Due to their unique business model, cooperatives manage to adapt and respond more effectively to economic, market and financial challenges. Due to its many advantages, the cooperative business model has the prerequisites to become a sustainable formation for agricultural producers. On the other hand, the lack of detailed information on cooperatives limits the possibility of a detailed assessment regarding the size and influence of these structures. The purpose of this report is to reveal the prerequisites for building cooperative business models in agriculture, to indicate their main characteristics and condition, as well as to outline the main prospects for their development.

Key words: cooperative business model, marketing cooperatives, cooperative approach