6. After-effect of residues of the herbicide Stomp 33 EC on peppers and tomatoes and on their seeds

Author: Todor Babrikov, Dimitar Alandzhiyski, I. Babrikova

DOI: n/a


During the period 2011–2013 tests on three concentrations of the herbicide Stomp 33 EC (23 mg/kg; 165 mg/kg and 660 mg/kg) were carried out on pepper and tomato plants and their seeds in the educational experimental field of the Agricultural University – Plovdiv.
The herbicide Stomp is characterized by a prolonged retention in the soil and presents a water pollution problem. It was shown that the presence of residues of the herbicide Stomp in the soil in hibited the root development and growth of the above ground part of the plants. A strong phytotoxic effect on the normal seed germination of these vegetable crops was established.