7. Research on the attitude of bulgarians to wine and wine tourism

Author: Lora Mincheva, Vasil Marinov

DOI: n/a


The paper presents the results of a survey on the attitude of Bulgarians to wine and wine tourism. The method applied was a poll survey in the form of a standard online questionnaire that was answered by 323 respondents. The analyzed items include the following: the specific preferences towards various wine grape varieties; the habit of drinking wine in daily life; the amount of funds they would spent on buying wine monthly; the awareness of the term „wine tourism” and how many of them had experienced it themselves. The undeniable link between the main elements of wine tourism – wine and tourism demand is emphasized. Profiles of 2 market segments related to wine tourism are worked out. The main conclusion is that while wine is popular in Bulgaria, the market demand for wine tourism is relatively limited, although indications of a potential for its growth are found in the data analyzed.