8. The development policy in the agricultural sector

Author: Valeri Yordanov Velkovski, Gena Tsvetkova Velkovska

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2020.02.008


The structural policy is enshrined in the modern legislation, including the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, as an essential element of the state policy in terms of its safeguarding functions.
Being an internal structural element of state policy, in the quality of a larger-scale system, structural policy enters into relationships and interactions with a number of other systems functioning in economic and social life, tolerates their influence and reacts to this influence in different ways.
The variation of the structural policy in the agrarian sector, as well as subsystems, reflects in their diversity the needs of the sector by conditions, including structural ones, in view of its sustainable development.
Structural policies, transformed into spatial events and activities, in turn, can also qualify as a variety of agrarian policy or strands in agrarian policy, all the more so that the conduct of spatial planning activities on agricultural land has an important and essential place in the general and specialized structural legislation, including the agrarian legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.