8. Basic exterior measurements in males Bulgarian Tricolor Coonhounds

Author: Ilian Angelushev, Atanas Vuchkov

DOI: n/a


The Bulgarian Tricolour Coonhound – Tritzveten Palash belongs to the group of scenthounds with Asian origin, cultivated since ancient times on the Balkan Peninsula. This dog is considered one of the rarest existing breeds. After the studies on the population of the Tricolour Coonhound, conducted by Gaitandjievin (1968), there have not been other studies on its exterior. With a view to standartization of the breed and the iron coming selection and breeding, completing a contemporary description of the exterior and taking the exterior parameters of the currently existing pure-bred specimens is in dispensable. Measurements of the basic exterior singhts оf 17 male pure-bred specimens of the breed Bulgarian tricolor Coonhound weremade. The exterior peculiarities of the Bulgarian tricolor coonhound put it in the group of the eastern beagles of a medium-size body. The height at the withers of the males is 51,29,±3,82 cm; the diagonal length of the body is 55, 64,±1,99 cm. The stretchability index is 111,96. The heart girth is 62,05,±0,70 cm.