9. Inventory of familly Hyacinthaceae Batsch Ex Borkh subfam. Hyacinthoideae in the Herbarium of the Agricultural University – Plovdiv (SOA)

Author: Ivanka Karamfilova, Kiril Stoyanov

DOI: n/a


The family Hyacinthaceae subfam. Hyacinthoideae is represented in Bulgaria by 4 genera: Bellevalia Lapeyr., Hyacinthella Schur., Muscari Mill. And Scilla L. The study is an observation of the whole recent collecion of the subfamily, stored in the Herbarium of the Agricultural University – Plovdiv (SOA). The collection consists of 323 herbarium sheets (254 Bulgarian and 69 foreign), representing 3 genera with 12 species. The chorological information from the literature and from the herbarium specimens is databased and mapped.
Genus Bellevalia is represented in SOA by only foreign species. The widespread species Hyacinthella leucophaea, Muscari botryoides, M. comosum, M. neglectum (s.s.) and M. Tenuiflorum are poorly represented in the collection. Taxa like Muscari pulchellum, M. racemosum and M. vandasii are approximately well represented. The Scilla genus is well represented. Inspite of the ralatively low representativeness, the Hyacinthoideae collection of SOA is an important resource for the taxonomical and chorological investigations in this group.