8. Evaluation of some new melon varieties for plastic-greenhouse growing conditions

Author: Stoyan Filipov

DOI: n/a


During the period 2003-2004 was carried out study on biological and generative bihaviors of some new melon varieties in the non-hearted plastic-greenhouses conditions. Four Israel’s cultivars was tasted: HA-6003, HA-6004; GAL-96 and GAL-148. As a standart variety we used Makdimon. Was detected the initiation of phenophases, yarly and total marketable yield and some fruits quality paterns. Hihgest yarly yield in combinations with good fruit quality was establish in HA-6003 and HA-6004. The same varieties has higest total marketable yeild 37% and 31% more than standart cultivar Makdion. The varieties GAL-148 and GAL-96 can be use for geenhouses cultivations to.