9. Induction of systemic acquired resistance (SAR) in pepper to X. euvesicatoria pathotype P after treatment with avirulent strains pathotype T of X. gardneri and X. vesicatoria

Author: Nevena Bogatzevska, Mariya Stoyanova

DOI: n/a


Bacterial spot caused by Xanthomonas euvesicatoria is an economically important disease of pepper which is the reason for yearly losses in vegetable production. The control of the pathogen is hard and is mainly relied on the extensive use of copper-based chemicals. In the present study we successfully induced systemic resistance in pepper plants of the susceptible cultivar Californian miracle towards the pepper pathotype X. euvesicatoria. We used avirulent for pepper strains of the tomato pathotype of X. gardneri race Т1 and X. vesicatoria race Т1, Т2, and Т3 to achieve that effect. The protection was very well expressed in the young leaves which grew after the treatment. After a competitive infection with the pepper pathotype of the closely related pathogen X. euvesicatoria the plants grew and developed without symptoms of bacterial spot. The plants were inspected until the first fruit formation.