8. Efficiency and selectivity of the herbicide combination flumioxazin and glyphosate in intensive cherry orchards

Author: Zarya Rankova, Miroslav Tityanov

DOI: n/a


The studies were carried out in 2012–2013 in a sweet cherry plantation established on the territory of the Fruit Growing Institute – Plovdiv. A field experiment was carried out for studying the effect of the selective herbicide with soil and foliar activity Pledge 50WP – 30g/da (500 g/kg flumioxazin) in combination with the total leaf herbicide Nasa 360 CL – 500 ml/da (360 g/l glyphosate), on the weed infestation and the vegetative and reproductive habits of a new cultivar-rootstock sweet cherry plantation. The obtained results for the best herbicide efficiency of the herbicide combination, the duration of an effective herbicidal activity (about 120 days) and the data for lack of a depressing effect on the growth and development of the cultivar-rootstock combinations, all give grounds to recommend this herbicide mixture for employing it in the integrated weed control systems in intensive cherry orchards.