9. Competitiveness as a factor for the sustainable development of Bulgarian agriculture

Author: Nadezhda Petrova, Georgi Aleksiev, Rumen Otuzbirov, Nadka Kostadinova

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2015.05.009


Successful and competitive agriculture is a prerequisite for achieving sustainable economic development, raising the living standards, satisfying the domestic market and successful integration of our country into the world economic community.
The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of competitiveness as a factor for the sustainable development of Bulgarian agriculture. To achieve the objective the following tasks must be fulfilled:
– analyze the competitiveness of agriculture in Bulgaria;
– analyze the sustainable development of Bulgarian agriculture;
– establish the influence of competitiveness on the sustainable development of agriculture, holding out growth opportunities.
Competitiveness underpins the sustainable development of agriculture and its measurement using a system of methods and indicators that have particular application at the sectoral level.