14. Concession on immovable cultural valuables – legal regulations and problems

Author: Gena Velkovska

DOI: n/a


The granting of concessions on immovable cultural valuables in the Republic of Bulgaria is one of the strategic tendencies of the state policy in the field of cultural heritage. The Cultural Heritage Act and The Concession Law regulate in great detail the activities and procedures for legally implementing the granting of concessions on some such specific objects as the immovable cultural values. The report analyzes the legal regulations that the various concessions have in common, as well as the regulations, specific only to the concession on the immovable cultural valuables in the Republic of Bulgaria.
The report also presents some data from the survey titled: What is your opinion on the anticipated effect from the granting of concessions on the immovable cultural values?
Based on the legal analysis and the survey data, some issues of legislative and practical nature are formulated and respective mechanisms for their solution are suggested.